Who We Are

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Experience Mezcal is a small, independent company dedicated to promoting mezcal culture and appreciation through tours, tastings, education and events. We believe that mezcal is most fascinating and rewarding when fully experienced. The spirit should be sipped and savored, the history and culture observed and appreciated, and the region visited and absorbed. We see mezcal as the starting point for Mexico’s great distilled spirits, but know that mezcal is so much more than what comes out of the bottle. We’ve made it our business to help the world truly experience mezcal.

We enjoy thriving relationships with mezcal producers at each level in the industry. By working closely with various maestros mezcaleros we try hard to stay up to date with current regulations concerning mezcal and to ensure that our knowledge and understanding is constantly evolving.

Based in Oaxaca, Mexico, the leading mezcal-producing region of Mexico, we find it essential to integrate local history and culture into the educational side of our tours in order to provide the proper context for those who are visiting the region. Additionally, having such a great number of producers, we are able to show the varying processes and decisions that each producer carefully makes.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Experience Mezcal.