Exclusive Tales on Tour Mezcal Tour 2015

Tales on Tour Mexico City

Experience Mezcal is proud to host this educational Oaxacan mezcal tour, exclusively for attendees of  Tales of the Cocktail on Tour in April 2015.

Following the close of Tales of the Cocktail on Tour, attendees will head to Oaxaca for a three-day educational journey into the region where mezcal was born. From pre-Hispanic pulque culture and the earliest forms of distillation in Mexico, to the most scientific understanding of mezcal, attendees will experience the best of Oaxaca’s ancient Central Valley region.

Tour attendees will visit four working palenques (rustic mezcal distilleries), learning variations on the production process from artisan and traditional maestros mezcaleros. Throughout the three days, attendees will sample a wide range of mezcals as well as several varieties of maguey (agave), giving a broad and deep understanding of this legendary spirit.


Tour Schedule

Tuesday, April 21: Arriving by 8:00pm, guests will be welcomed to the city of Oaxaca with a ceviche and mezcal reception hosted by Mezcal Vago, makers of high-quality artisanal mezcals from a variety of agaves.

Wednesday, April 22: After a hearty Oaxacan breakfast, we’ll will hit the road early with Dr. Iván Saldaño—the biologist behind Montelobos Mezcal and Ancho Reyes—for a leap into pre-history. Iván will guide guests through Oaxaca’s evolution from cave dwellings to pulque culture, to the centrality of agaves to Mesoamerican civilizations. We will then visit a traditional pulquería, tasting agave in various forms and see how an earth-oven full of agave is unloaded at Montelobos. Following lunch, we will visit a local palenque specializing in wild agave varietals, where guests will sample mezcal made from over a dozen wild and rare species. Later, we’ll convene at mezcal scholar Ulíses Torrentera’s In Situ Mezcaleria for a curated tasting from the author of Mezcalaria. Dinner is hosted by Los Danzantes Mezcal.

Thursday, April 23: Guests will get an early start to Santa Catarina Minas, famous for the tradition of hand-mashing agave and distilling with clay pots and bamboo. Hosted at the legendary Real Minero Mezcal by the father-daughter duo of Lorenzo and Graciela Ángeles, producers of some of the world’s most distinctive and sought-after mezcals. Attendees will head east through rolling hills boasting wild Agave karwinskii varietals to the village of San Dionisio Ocotepec. Fifth generation master distiller Beto Morales, producer of Wahaka Mezcal, will host guests for lunch and mezcal at the family palenque, ending the day and the tour with a toast in a beautiful Southern Mexico setting. Dinner back in the city is hosted by Mezcal Los Siete Misterios.


Tour Package includes:

  • Professional guide, interpreter and local host
  • Private ground transportation
  • 4 palenque visits and tastings
  • Pulqueria visit and tasting
  • 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners
  • Mezcal and ceviche reception
  • Expert-curated mezcal tasting in Oaxaca City
  • A few other surprises along the way

Tour Package does not include:

  • Transportation to/from Oaxaca City
  • Tips
  • Bottles of mezcal to take home
  • Lodging– dependent upon which package selected 

Tour Packages available (click through to book or for more details):