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Oaxacan Mezcal Tour

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An immersive, educational, guided mezcal tour in Oaxaca. This tour is a concentrated and serious introduction to the world of Oaxacan mezcal. You will be up close and personal with the people, processes and culture that come together to create the elixir that we all love so much. We handle all details once you’re here: distilleries, tastings, lodging, transportation, and delicious Oaxacan meals.

Mezcal Camp


Once a year, we make the serpentine trek up to Lachirioag, where Mezcal Tosba’s maestro mezcalero Edgar González will have an earth-oven load of cooked maguey waiting for us to unload, From there, we’ll get our hands dirty in every single part of the production process, culminating in the distillation of a pechuga mezcal that we’ll enjoy during our stay.