Mezcal Tour Coordinator Darinel Silva

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Originally from Miahuatlan, one of the key mezcal-producing towns in Oaxaca, Dari has been engaged in the mezcal world since he was a kid. He grew up on a street where mezcaleros waited each day to sell mezcal and when they left for the night, they would store their jugs of mezcal in his grandfather’s garage. So it’s no surprise that he ended up being passionate and continuously curious about the production and the varieties of mezcal.

In secondary school Dari got to know Elisandro Gonzalez-Molina, of Mezcal Tosba and through Elisandro, Dari was later introduced to their Maestro Mezcalero, Edgar Gonzalez-Ramirez. In trade for lending Edgar the occasional hand with his certification process and at various gastronomy festivals in Oaxaca, he learned thoroughly about the process and what it takes to produce mezcal. It’s not uncommon to find Dari at a mezcal event here in Oaxaca pouring Tosba and discussing their mezcales.

In 2014, Dari and Clayton met for the first time at the mezcaleria In Situ with Elisandro. The following day they headed out to San Cristóbal Lachiroag. From this trip together, the idea behind Experience Mezcal’s first Tosba Camp was born. From then on he has helped Clayton and  Experience Mezcal with tours. Now lucky enough to have him as our main tour coordinator on mezcal tours in Oaxaca.

Upon meeting Dari, you’ll immediately note his passion for Oaxaca. He’s constantly looking for new palenques, interesting variations in mezcal production, new odd finds in the markets and the best meals in town.

When he’s not giving unforgettable tours, Dari can be found driving in the occasional drag race, making incredible and ridiculously spicy habañero salsa, his own and the best chapulines you’ll find, as well as delicious sal de gusano. And if you get so lucky as to be invited over to his family’s house for lunch, you’ll likely have the best mole that you’ve ever tried, prepared by his mother.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable tour and experience in Oaxaca, Dari is just the person who you’ll want showing you around. He’s extremely passionate about his work and is happiest when he sees our clients enjoying their tours and learning about the world of mezcal. For all of this and much more, we’re lucky to have him as a part of the team!